Guess what I did today?

Guess what I did today?  I installed wordpress!  How about that?  Bet you’d never have guessed.

Anyway…well, I guess this is my first blog post.  Hopefully I’ll write some stuff in here every once in a while.  Today I don’t have too much to talk about besides the fact that I finally (sort of) got eclipse working the way I wanted.

I just switched to the Gnome desktop, and I find the developer tools for Gnome to be slightly inferior to KDE’s.  On KDE, I had Quanta and KDevelop, which both worked very much to my taste.  For Gnome I had tried bluefish for PHP editing, but I think having to hit F5 every time I copy and paste something to get it to fix the hilighting is ridiculous.

In search of something better, I came across eclipse, which I had used before only briefly.  I installed the prebuilt c++ edition, and found it to be a nice editor.  When I tried to add the PHP extensions, though, I never could get it to create a new project.  I kept getting obscure errors about duplicate objects or something like that.  After doing some online searching and trying several ways of installing several different versions, I just installed them eachseparately.  I installed the c++ edition to /opt/eclipse, and the PHP edition to /opt/eclipse_php.  Nicely enough, they both keep separate workbench settings and everything.  No skin off my back that I have to start a completely different program to switch tasks…I was used to that before.

Granted, I could have just installed quanta and KDevelop, but I want to keep down the variety of desktop-related libraries I have installed.  I don’t want to get hit for several hundred megs of updates (and lots of clutter) every other day because the Gnome libraries AND the kde libraries have to update.  Ubuntu makes it painless enough to handle, but I just want to keep my system as clean as possible.


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