proxy server in general

Well, I got the squid modifications I was working on to compile…after a good bit more cleanup of the other pattern-based code. I haven’t tested it yet, though.

What I really wanted to give an update on was my caching of antivirus definitions. Everything is working fine except Avast updates. It seems like they may dynamically start/stop update servers based on demand. There are a few files passing back and forth that I didn’t notice before, and one seems at first glance to be a list of running servers. Either way, I just notice that every once in a while I’ll have a day where Avast just gets 404’s on every file it requests. I turn off my url_rewrite, and it works. I’ll have to investigate further sometime, but it’s so hard to find the time.

Also, I found that I may have been doing my firewall rules wrong. The tutorials I’d seen suggested setting the rules in /etc/rc.local. This worked for me most of the time, but sometimes after rebooting the proxy server I would have to go in a manually flush iptables and load the rules again. It was like they were getting loaded at the wrong time. A tutorial I found that was specifically written for Ubuntu said to do it in a pre-up command in /etc/network/interfaces. Before I was actually running iptables commands directly in rc.local. It’s easier to see them that way. What that article suggested was just doing iptables-save > /etc/iptables.rules, then adding iptables-restore /etc/iptables.rules in /etc/network/interfaces.

I’ve rebooted the server 3 times, and the connection came back up by itself every time. Hopefully that got it fixed!


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