squid range_offset_limit mod progress…again

Well, here’s another progress update on getting my acl based range_offset_limit mod to work.  For the longest time, I couldn’t get anything to work at all.  Ever since I first compiled the changes in December, it hadn’t worked right.

Well, it turns out it was my testing environment!  I had forgotten to set some critical squid.conf settings, and so nothing I did was working.  Once I figured this out a couple of weeks ago,  I was able to properly test my code.  It’s been really busy in the shop lately, so my squid development time has been sporadic at best.

Once real testing began, I did have to fix one troubling bug where I improperly specified a default value for range_offset_limit in a place that over-rode all other range_offset_limit settings.  Bummer.   That’s all sorted now, though, and everything seems to be working according to plan.  I had hoped to catch the squid 3.2 release, but alas, for I missed it.  It’s ok, though.

Right now I have the squid test-build suite running, and I’ll post the bzr patch to the mailing list when I get a good test run.  I don’t anticipate any errors, so hopefully this will be soon.  Monday looks like it will be really busy, so it will probably happen later on in the week.  I hate that it’s taken me so long, but I have learned a LOT (this being the first time I’ve worked on a collaborative project).


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