I got a Nook!

Well, I got a Nook for Christmas and I really love the way it looks. The interface and chassis design are very sleek, and it only took a little practice to get used to the touch screen. I asked for the wifi only version of the original Nook, and I’m really pleased with my choice. I chose the wifi only model because I don’t plan on sitting around all day buying books. There was no reason not to save the money by limiting myself to areas with available wifi access when it comes to book purchasing. I wanted the original Nook as opposed to the color not only because of the huge price difference, but I really like the E-ink screen; I look at a computer screen all day most days and it is so refreshing to read on a screen that looks as much like paper as the Nook does. I don’t feel any more eye strain looking at that than I do looking at a printed page.

So far, the only problem I’ve had with it is that it seems B&N’s network is overloaded. Apparently, they either did not expect or did not care to prepare for the surge in traffic resulting from people firing up their brand new Nook’s on Christmas day…and the day after.  This wasn’t a very wise approach, since I think a lot of people don’t have a concept of what’s happening and might return their Nooks, expecting that they’ll always operate so spottily.

We had a white Christmas this year for the first time since 1947 (no kidding, we’re snowed in), and I’ve had a bit of extra time to play with my new gadget, but with the B&N network more-or-less down there’s not much I can do yet. 😦


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